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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bathroom distruction!

Day 1 and 2 you saw pictures of before it was mostly removing the accessories (soap dish, towel bars, TP holder and the like) it was ridiculous when I finally got them out some had 4-6 inches of plaster on the back of them...yikes.
Here are the pictures from Day 3 and 4 I got a lot done this weekend!
This is where the toilet used to be, my friend Kristin and I were doing such a good job of removing the base tile we decided to remove the toilet. I have to admit this is what I was most proud of that day. It's not hard to do but neither of us had done it before so we both felt kind cool when it was done.
You can also see that all of the tile and drywall behind and to the side is gone those were the first wall that lost the pink tile, another proud moment.
Kristin and I removed most of the tile (just one row left behind the sink) on day 3 and that was amazing.)My goal for day 4 was wall paper and the counter top/sink. Wall paper came down no problem.
The sink/counter was another story, I removed the tile behind the counter and cut the caulking around the sink and removed the water and drain pipes, no problem. Then I started chipping away at the tile, can you say over kill? 1 inch ply-wood metal mesh, concrete and then the mortar and tile...yikes. I was so discourage I stopped
Then at 9:20 at night when I was showing the hubby what I had gotten accomplished that day we decided to try and get the sink out. With my husband and a pry bar it came out no problem. So then we tackled the counter top it came out in one piece and we got both out in less than 20 min. What a great end to the night!
So this is what it locks like now I have a few scraps of wall paper to get down some sanding and cleaning up of edges. The last big project is removing the floor if its anything like the counter top its going to be a bear.

So this is where we are at. Just ignore the hole it will be covered by the new shower wall. I think I will be ready when my dad comes on friday!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pictures 2 and 3 and one just for fun.

These were inspired by the demolition of my bathroom. I wanted to work on my lighting /flash use. I brought in a lamp from my living room and at one point had my hubby tilting it over the tub. It was a fun shoot. Here is some more information about my 100 possibilities project.

Picture #2

Picture #3

One just for fun
(That is what happens when the heat comes on)

What the bathroom looks like now
(notice the lamp in the mirror)
I'm removing tiles around all of the edges so that I can easily cut out the drywall. Wallpaper is coming down tomorrow between help from Jackie and my hubby. Who BTW still doesn't know when he is leaving for NC.

Thoughts on Thursdays

"Don't take life to seriously"
Take time for fun and relaxation. If your always wound to tight and go, go, go its going to affect your marriage, friendship, kids and work. Try to take time everyday to wind down even if its 5 min before bed.
There you have it short and sweet!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The wonder of craigslist and other things...

So I think by know you all now my favorite color is not pink, and that is the main reason I don't like my bathroom. However you never know who out in the crazy world is in love with pink. So just in case I posted my tile, tub, toilet, sink and such on craigslist last night before bed. Low and behold I had 5 e-mails about it when I woke up this morning! The tub, sink, and accessories have all been claimed! I'm just left (so far) with a toilet and tile! Plus the guy who is going to help me get the tub out is a metal recycler! And the Chick who wants the accessories is using them to re-finish her bathroom retro style. I'll ask her if I can post pics. Its pretty cute and much better than my all pink bathroom! I'm loving that these things will get reused or recycled instead of put in the land field.

So on to the 'other things' I was referring to. About two weeks ago I went to a great BBQ place with some friends and broke out the bamboo travel silverware for the first time in 'public.' The response was funny, a lot of people just asked why, a few thought it was cool and I was proud. It was funny. So far none of my friends thought I was 'crazy' green (I'm not but I'm working on it) but now they are starting to wonder, and I like it.

Random thought number 2, I have an interesting mind. I'm one of those people that if I have a plan in mind and it has to change (specifically regarding schedule) it really throws me off. So the other day my hubby found out he had to go on a last min business trip that will last between 2-4 weeks. Once I got over the initial shock I was cool with it and thought he was going to be leaving today. Not so now it may not be till this Friday or next Friday. You would think this would be good news but I'm kinda twisted up about it. I was ready for him to leave so that I could be ready for him to come back now its just putting off the inevitable. Grr.

Ok last random thought, I forgot my water bottle. I didn't want to go buy a plastic one but then a friend at work had a good idea. Go buy one and then keep it in the office empty for when I forget my bottle the next time I can just use it again. Thanks Hil! I know using the plastic ones over and over isn't advised but it won't be often and probably just in till I get a cheaper back up here. I don't want to leave one of my $20.00 Sigg bottles in the office.

Ohh and check out my SIL's blog

Monday, February 22, 2010

My clothes are getting tight....

I've been sitting in this:

far too much. With this new 'desk' job and far to much sugar (how long will that be a problem for me haven't I cut it out of my diet like 24 times?) I currently weigh the most I ever have. This is only a problem because

1) I haven't grown an inch in the last 5 years and, 2) I don't want to buy all new clothes.

I've noticed that since getting married my eating habits have not improved as much as I expected them too (when I stopped traveling so much.) We are slowly both craving healthier foods but it has taken a while. The big problem for me is portion control on snacks, I eat MANY small handfuls of trail mix or peanut butter filled pretzels at work. Decently healthy options if you eat them in moderation, I don't. I also like McDonalds, alot which honestly goes aginst everything I believe in as far as health and greeness. So that needs to change.

So its time to make some changes. We just got a new bow flex off of craigslist (cheap and green) and also have a stair stepper and a elliptical so here we go! Wish me luck.

A few other insperations have been my friend Kristin (who was never overweight she just haden't lost that final baby weight) who looks amazing and has two kids ands is VERY active in the Church with her kids and other mom groups. If she can do it why cant I? The other insperation was this post buy Sara: Sara has two great blogs and they are what inspired me to start my change over to a better lifestyle back in the day.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Words

This is based off of another fun posting from the Pleated Poppy Check out her beautiful Family Rule board here:


Mine isn't 'polished' yet and I might change the bottom paper but I was so excited I wanted to show you guys. Here is my words to live by board:

Here is what I learned I learned while doing this, re-read the directions. I just sat down and started building it from memory. I like how my turned out but I wish I would have cut my strips a little shorter than the 9x12 inch canvas I bought. I painted underneath yellow and orange and I wish you could have seen that around the edge. Also it would have made it easier to adhere the paper. I like the embellishments I chose to do they look cool and I love the bold colors and different textures.

I also made this much more wallet friendly by using papers I already had on hand and bought a cheap canvas with a 40% off coupon from a local craft supply store. The quality of the canvas dosn't matter so much since you will be covering it and the coupon is especially important for larger versions of this canvas can get expensive, even the lower quality ones.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blogs I'm loving right now

Here are some posts from blogs I read frequently these are the ones that have either touched me or inspired me this week:

"Good Grief"
This one really touched me it was talking about realizing that grief could be a good thing. That is exactly the stage I'm at right now.


"The sound of the Wilderness"
For lent this insightful woman has giving up multi tasking (not sure I could but I should.) This post includes some of her observations of things she has noticed by giving up multi-tasking. The things she talks about reminds me alot about why I started 'needing' noise at all times after Mark passed away.

Last but not least
"The boys quilt"

After I made my first quilt with ALOT of help from my sister in-law Becky and her mom I thought I was done but I like this quilt so much I think I might try to make one more. Ry (the hubby) likes the quilt I made so I might make this 'boys quilt' for him!


PS here is a picture of the quilt Becky helped me make and her blog as well she just started so give her some love!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Greening my Make-up

I'm currently researching cost effective natural make-up. My hope is that after I find natural make-up I want to transition to natural facial cleansers. I have some acne problems and I think the transition will help (I will let you know.) So the first thing I'm trying Everyday Minerals you can get a Free Sample of their colors and coverage styles all you have to pay is the shipping! I'm excited to try it out, they even have a matte oil absorbing formula which may eliminate the need for me to use a 2nd powder!! I'll let you know what you think. (They just came last night I'm going to try this this weekend when I have time to play!)

If you were perchance wondering what prompted this though pattern here it is, this is my wonderful, soft, bamboo towel. This is what it looks like after coming into contact with my harsh acne soap:

Since this is a bamboo and organic towel they don't use the harsh dyes that other towels do (one of the reasons I bought it) and in normal conditions they hold up just like any other quality towel. But when exposed to harsh chemicals it messes with the color :( Oh well it works just fine it just won't be hanging as a display towel anymore.

This isn't going to be a fast transition first I have to use up the stuff I have and then switch over. But I will keep you updated as I go along.

In the mean time let me know what natural products you have tried and love.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thoughts on Thursdays

'The 'game' of life."

Recent postings and revelations have lead me to find that one of my love languages is "words of affirmation" and even though I shouldn't need them to feel good about myself they still are a way of showing love. But there is no way my spouse knows that this is something I want unless I tell him.

Just for a funny example, we have been playing a lot of Mario Wii its a team play game and often times right before we die one of us does something dumb to the other one. The next thing one of us says is "why did you do that?" We do best if before we start we tell the other person our plan. Same in life huh? It would just be easier if we would tell each other our game plan. Let each other know what we need to succeed. We can't expect it if they don't know what we need.

I actually have not read the book "5 love languages yet" let me know if you think I should! I do believe in the whole concept though I think people do show and receive love in different ways.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valintine Smiles

Card for my Honey, that I made:
Sorry the picture is cropped bad Ry has it on his wall under a shelf so it was hard to photograph.

Email from my Grandparents:

Roses are red and violets are blue we sure do love you two.
Will you be our Valentines???
Hope you had a loving day!!!
Grandpa and Grandma

My contradicting opinions on self worth.

So yes I'm still going through the book "The Search for significance" slowly but surly. Anyway I'm now working my way through he work book part and one question asked me this:

"Is it difficult to view yourself in terms other than your performance or others opinions of you? If so why?"

I found my answer pretty interesting, if I do say so myself. It went something like this: At work I have no problem with my self-worth I know I'm a good interpreter and I do my job well. However at home or with friends and family my works are only 'good' if they approve.

Humm interesting, looking this over and thinking about it, it may have something to do with opinions none the less. At work I often hear good job, nice stats, its good to have you here. I know I'm appreciated. But outside of work we don't do that (not just my family and friends all people) we don't take the time to appreciate people for what they do and for the support they give us. I guess this is really two fold, what am I expecting from people and what am I giving people?

Here is the definition of self-worth from the book pg 163 " Self-worth, often called self-esteem or personal significance, is characterized by a quite sense of self-respect and a feeling of satisfaction with who we are. true self -worth, unlike pride, is not based on an evaluation of our performance."

I guess you could say one of my love languages was words of affirmation, but my self-worth should not depend on them.

I'm taking this as a challenge how can I encourage those around me?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What would you like to see?

So I'm trying to get a direction for this blog but its though to centralize on just one them. I know some people follow just to keep up on my life, others for the greenie stuff, and still others for my wonderful amazing (wink wink) insights. So I'm looking for opinions. Are you ok with where my blog is or are you looking for something specifically.?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

That point in your life.

Everyone will come to a point in their life when they realize that they are not in control. I've hit this point a few times and each time I just can't seem to give it up, even when its so obvious that I'm not in control. Why do I feel the need? Why can't I simply just trust God, he is the one who is ultimately in control anyway. It's one of those things I know in my head but I just can't seem to put in to action.

You would think that when Mark got sick I would have given that control up, and I did sorta. I knew that I couldn't control whether or not he was healed in heaven or on earth, however I still tried to control his pain, comfort, and our lives as much as possible. I became strong because I had to I didn't want to let him down. I helped with shots, O2, draining his lungs, pain meds and as much as I could physically do around the house so he didn't have to. I was still trying to control my life.

Even after Mark passed away I tired to remain in control, in a time where I really shouldn't of have to. People are allowed to loose it a little after the death of a loved one. Heck they are allowed to loose it alot!

After meeting Ryan I started to realize how stressed out this was making me. But that didn't stop me till one day last May, I broke, I had some good friends go through a really hard time in the marriage and for some reason, that was all it took. I had the comfort of Ry and I knew that he was able to support me and so to be honest I lost it. I could barley keep myself together. The house was a wreck, I was a wreck and I couldn't get through a day without crying. But still in the midst of it all I found myself trying desperately to regain control, it only made it harder when I failed. I didn't want to disappoint Ry. No matter how many times he told me I couldn't.

Why is this so hard? I'm trying, I'm learning but I just can't give up the reigns. Its a slow process but I think I'm on my way. Life seems better now, easier. I'm learning about my people pleasing ways and my controlling tendencies. Right now I'm in the awareness stage, not quite to the correcting stage. I hope I get there soon...oops there I go again, it will happen in time, when I'm ready (deep breath.)

semper reformanda secundum verbum Dei (always reforming according to the word of God, stolen from my friend Matt)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Freebies, Giveaways and more!

Walgreens is giving away free 8x10 collages today only (Friday 2/12/10.)

Use the promo code VDAY when you check out. Walgreens Photo Center

They are also giving you 25 free prints when you buy 25 thru tomorrow (Friday 2/13/10)

Use the promo code LOVE10

Tea Rose Home is also having a giveaway. Its for a cute little reversible purse fabric kit!
She has the instructions on her website too if you want to make your own.

iheartfaces is having their fix it friday with lots of good tips and tricks for photo editing check it out!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thoughts on Thursday

"Celebrate your love."

I don't care if you do it on Valentines day, your anniversary, the anniversary of your first date whatever, just celebrate your love. Take some time (even if only an hour) to focus on you as a couple what you've been through, why you feel in love in the first place, and why you love each other now.

Personally, I don't want flowers on Valentines Day it feels to forced, I would take a gift that took some thought but flowers on a day your 'supposed' to get flowers is silly to me. (I realize not everyone may agree with this thought.) I would rather get a nice e-mail, from my husband or some quality face time, talking about us.

What would you like to do to celebrate your love?

Picture #1

I found the USB cord and I've been playing with my new version of Photoshop Elements and here you go picture number 1:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This is what is going through my head right now:

~ Silly puppy whining all night with that cone around his head, I couldn't sleep a wink. (He was neutered yesterday)

~Sweet husband telling me to go sleep in the guest room and he would take the Cooper shift so I could sleep. (Hubby comes to bed much later than I do when he doesn't have to work the next day.)

~I'm sick of feeling sick, I wish I could just kick this once and for all.

~I really hope the reason my camera couldn't focus last night was because the battery was almost dead, I don't know what I would do if that thing was broken :(

~I hope I make it through work today I see a few short power naps coming on.
~Do I really want to stop by the store just for q-tips? My ears have been so full of gunk as a part of this cold...TMI sorry.
~I'm happy I had the day off yesterday and didn't have to deal with the snow and traffic.
~I'm happy my hubby has today off so he can look after the poor puppy.
Well that is about how my ADHD brain works enjoy!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hockey Makes me Happy!

We have been to two live games this year (won 1 lost 1) with great seats and that was a lot of fun. But more than that I enjoy watching at home with the Hubby and learning more about the game. I'm starting to understand all of the rules and the roles of defense vs offence (I knew the main point but not how it played out on the ice.) I like snuggling in with my hubby on the couch and fast forwarding through the commercials (gotta love DVR.) Its great when Ry gets mad and yells and startles the puppy, Cooper jumps and then gives him the "what did I do?" look.
I also enjoy watching my hubby play hockey on Saturday nights, even if it is 'no-check' league ;)
Hockey just makes me happy.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Food Fail

Ok so I had a bad sugar day and I've decided that on those days of bad food choices I will report to you. Mabe that emarassment will help prevent too many of the bad food days.

So today I had a whole strawberry laffy taffy before 10 am!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thoughts on Thursday

"Make decisions together."
Marriage is a team effort I don't think anyone would deny that. However many couple have divided up the areas that we are in charge of. She takes care of the house, he takes care of the bills and so on. Personally I want my husband involved, I want him to have an opinion. When I ask him something I want to hear his answer. That doesn't mean I will agree all of the time. But I value his opinion.
Money matters are the #1 reason for conflict in a relationship (marriage or dating.) Make sure that you are on the same page with how much you want to save/spend each month. Is paying of your mortgage or other loans early a priority? What about eating out do you need to limit how often your buying dinner? This is the start of the new year and a great time to get on the same page.
We don't have children but what about making sure you are in like mind about the way you discipline them as well as your expectations of them.
Never forget to say I love you, and mean it!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shopping Smart Home Edition

Oh my so much to say, we have been doing a lot of renovations around the house and I'm happy to say that I think the only thing I haven't bought on sale is paint. The biggest hint I can give is plan ahead. About a month ago we decided to redo the bathroom in March. We started watching sales and buying things when they were cheap. We have saved a lot of money this way. Keep measurements in your purse/wallet so that when you see a good deal you can take advantage of it. This is a great and easy way to save some money as long as you have somewhere to store the items till you use them.

Also don't forget that many of the 'big box' stores and some of the smaller stores as well will honor their competitors coupons. So if Home Depot has the exact item you want but you have a 10% lowes coupon take it to the customer service desk and use it! Along with that keep ahold of your receipts and watch the ads if something you just bought goes on sale you can often take in your receipt for a price adjustment. I've done this a few times to and although it feels a little funny I've saved a few hundred dollars this way.

Another good way to save some money and be green is to buy used. Think thrift stores, cragislist, ebay, garage sales, that kind of thing. My Friend Abbey is trying to declutter her life and has a great sale with some super cute stuff going on right now in the Twin Cities area, here is a link to her sale: Abbey's Sale.

As for greenie ways here are some ideas for you, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo. Bamboo still has to be manufactured like cotton and wood however its regrowth time is only around 5 years!!! This is a product with some sustainability. Not to mention it looks and feels fantastic. Have you ever felt a bamboo towel? They are amazing, they stay so soft wash after wash. Buy as many recycled items as you can and reuse as much as you can. There are lots of products out there to keep your house as natural as possible. Low VCO paint, natural cleaners such as Method and Shaklee, and many others. Find the one that works for you. Another great way is to borrow things. If you having a baby you could use your friends old bassinet and toys that their child has out grown. Try to use glass over plastic whenever possible.

Can you think of anything I'm missing I'm sure there are lots of ideas out there.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

100 Possibilities Project

I'm excited and nervous for this one. I'm starting a photography challenge! I read about it on the i heart faces blog, and loved the demo pics. I can only dream that mine will look like that. But after a few days of consideration I finally picked my object that I will be, my wedding shoes!!!
This btw is not one of mine it is one of the wedding photographers, but I will be posting mine shortly (hopefully.) I'm excited I hope I learn a lot about my camera and the real way to use it!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Shop Smart Food Edition

I would like to reitterate that some of these things are very basic but everyone has to start somewhere right?

Get a deep freezer on sale, on craigslist, or better yet free from a family member (thats what I did) and stock up on sales!!! One of my favorite (and somewhat heathy) ways to eat fish is to buy the " No Name Steak" brand, however it is expensive around $16.00, but if you pay attention it will go on sale for $9.99!! When this happens I buy as many as they allow and then go back the next day and buy more. Don't forget you can do this with just about everything including bread, just make sure that the bread is fully frozen before it has something on top of it and only stack other light things on top of it.

Another good use for the freezer are the warehouse stores, always double check the price and make sure it is something you will use often but this is a great way to save money (and packaging even for the greenie.)

Double your discounts, if your a coupon clipper ( I try but they don't often have the kind of food I buy) watch for double days. Around here Rainbow foods has double days on Wednesdays and for a limited time also on Saturdays.

When available shop at the farmers market, this is not only green (especially if you bring your own bags) it can be cheaper. Make sure you are buying whatever is in season and compare the different vendors chances are there is a better deal out there, also don't be afraid to barter.

Now I know I'm a 'greenie' but I'm not completely on the organic band wagon just yet. I do however believe there is some validity to the movement. So if you would like to buy organic but save a little money here is what I would suggest as far as fruits and vegetables go. If they have a thick skin that you don't eat (bananas, avocados, oranges that kind of thing) buy normal. If they have a skin that you do eat (apples, tomatoes and so on) buy organic.

Shopping Smart Pet Edition

(Yikes I didn't know I had so much to say on the subject so I split it up in to subjects)

I've been doing a lot of bargain hunting and savvy shopping lately and while some of these these things seem pretty normal to me they may not be for everybody. So here are some of the ways I shop smart:

Pet Food~ Here is an expense I think people take for granted and just pay the full price no matter what. However there are some easy ways to save some money. First of all have your dog or cat on a rotation of foods, so they don't get board, and so that you can feed them what ever is on sale that week/month. Our puppy is on 2 different brands and since right now he is in that puppy growth stage we are trying to keep him on high quality food without going broke. I have found that PetSmart has great sales on their food (3-7 dollars off a bag) each week it rotates. Just pay attention and when your kind is on sale buy it! Check the expiration dates and buy as many as you think you can use before that date. Also sign up for the brands clubs. I just got a free bag (after rebate) from Royal Canine and a $5.00 off coupon from BillJac!!! Plus there will be more deals heading our way

As for Greenie ways to feed your pet, yikes that's a tricky one, look for dog foods that have all whole ingredients and as little fillers and chemicals as possible I personally like the BillJac brand for that. Also buy the big bags (less paper waste.) Also you could prepare food at home (expensive but then you are in full control of what goes in.) Buying local is another way to be green (less transport fees) if your in Minnesota some local companies for dog food is Dog Fuel and Nutri Source. Its also a good idea to get your gear (at least the big stuff like a kennel) on Craigslist or free cycle, that saves money too! Many thrift stores also have gear from time to time. Also I know its not the nicest way, but have your dog do his/her business in your yard and then pick it up every few days not each and every time and use bio-degradable bags. This will save a lot of plastic!

Here is my cute hubby and puppy!