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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What would you like to see?

So I'm trying to get a direction for this blog but its though to centralize on just one them. I know some people follow just to keep up on my life, others for the greenie stuff, and still others for my wonderful amazing (wink wink) insights. So I'm looking for opinions. Are you ok with where my blog is or are you looking for something specifically.?


Amber DeYoung said...

Here is one opinion I got on Buzz:

"Megan S - I enjoy reading each of those 3 topics... I don't think there is a specific direction I'd like to see. I think out of the 3, I enjoy your insights the most. You challenge me to be a better Christian and person. Thanks Amber!"

Jackie said...

I like all of them too but I enjoy the life updates the most.

Husband & Wife. said...

I enjoy the life updates too, but a mixture of everything is perfect. I say just write about what YOU want to write about!! ;)