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Friday, April 16, 2010

Earth day is on its way!

Recently I've been looking into recycling the 'not so normal' and have found out some interesting things I thought I would share.

Did you know you could recycle aluminum foil? I didn't (although now that I think about it why not?

Here are some other interesting things that some of your local recycling centers will accept:

automotive, household and rechargeable batteries
plastic flower pots
used oil and oil filters
cell phones-dontate to a battered womans shelter in your area!
fluorescent bulbs-it is illegal to throw these away
aerosol cans
books-paperback books may be able to go in your curbside bin
Christmas lights and cords
Styrofoam/bubble wrap- take to your local UPS store
concrete and asphalt- check with your local cement companies to see if they will take it

Check out this great website to find recycling centers near you and other great hints.


Jackie said...

I knew about the foil (because our recycling bins in the Garage say so) but a lot of the other things were quite new to me (especially the mattresses)...but the mattress thing scares me because a lot of times the mattresses will be recycled with bed bugs on them...ugh!

(Can you tell some of the issues I have had to deal with at work?)

Amber said...

Most of those things have to be taken to a recycling center not in your bin, FYI. As for the mattresses I have know idea what they do with them but I know its illegal to sell used ones, so...who knows? Mattresses go to the CR Recycling Center.