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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can you back up your faith?

I mean really back up your faith. Ry and I had a great talk this weekend about 'outreach' in the Church and the purpose of the Church. Now don't take this wrong we both believe in outreach, it is a very important thing in this world, however in this conversation it was simply the gateway to the conversation about the purpose of a Church. So when you pick a Church what do you expect? Why do you expect it? Is it because that is what you grew up with or because that is what the Bible says Church is supposed to be? I was challenged by this. Why do we pick the Church we go? Do we take the time to make sure our Churches beliefs and philosophies follow the Bible?

I was also challenged by something else, I know my Biblical knowledge is solid, My parents made sure of that, but I don't know where the verses are in the Bible to back them up. ( How many times does this have to challange me?) I have no idea about the history around many of the decisions I make everyday (I do know my Bible stories though.) But what about the history, not everything in the Bible is a life application point, some of it just is life, and what those people went through. What about that?

Lucky for me, I have a husband who knows a lot of this stuff and is willing to help me. I know I can back up my faith verbally but he is going to help me back it up biblicaly. I'm excited, we will see how this goes.


Jackie said...

For me one of the most important things in a Church is that it is a Bible Based Church.

Tom and Megan said...

Wow, Amber! In thinking about the church that Tom and I currently attend, we were just thrilled to find God-fearing, Christian people who welcomed us. It's a baptist church, but we didn't necessarily dive into what they were about. We were just happy to find this church family because there aren't that many around here to be honest. You really made me think though...please continue to share what you and Ryan find out!