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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Interesting Morning

I learned two interesting things yesterday morning:

1) My TMJ appilance is a wonderful thing! I forgot it one night and I was more restless, irratable, and of course more sore and sick feeling. That is after just one night! How have I made it through the last 4 months?!?

2) Green smoothies are a wonderful thing. Again I didn't have one yesterday morning and I was craving sugar all day and I gave in a lot easier. Interesting...for more information about my green smoothie adventure go here This is my friend Sara's web site and really she is the one who convinced me to try to better my life by being greener (not only for the environment but more or myself and my health.)

So what have I learned? Sleep with my TMJ appliance in and drink a green smoothie in the morning!

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