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Thursday, June 4, 2009

I have a strange problem, and a general update.

So I like making other people smile, I like it when my friends and family are happy. But I tend to do it with a lot of self sacrifice. I just can't seem to say know, when I should really be staying home.

How do you say no without feeling guilty?

Meanwhile life is going pretty good. I'm settling into the house pretty well. Hopefully I'll have some new pictures up here soon. We purchased some new living room furniture a few days ago and it arrived yesterday that is fun. The boxes are starting to disappear and I'm currently living in one of the guest rooms so that we can re-do the master before Ryan moves in. Its been a lot of fun but exhausting. I'm definitely a little stressed out.

I also have some friends that have a little girl who is going through some pretty tough heath issues. It reminds me of how much I covet your prayers in the past and in the future. Thank you soooo much!

Wedding plans are going well, really all I have left to do is plan the order with the Pastors (yes you read right its plurl) and talk to the flower guy. But there are lots of preperations to be done for the reception. I've choosen to make most of my table decorations and desserts so....yeah. That should be fun. I might be calling on some of you to help me out.


Jackie said...

I have a friend who explains it to people like this: I do enjoy your company but sometimes I just need time to recharge my batteries. I am not going to be good for anyone else if I am not able to rest and take care of myself.

Glad your house is coming along. Our move is exactly one week from today!

Tom & Megan said...

I agree with what Jackie said...

Amber DeYoung said...

Ughh I haven't even had time to check this...lame. Thanks Jackie that was a good hint. Meggs you just make me :D