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Thursday, April 2, 2009

5 cent rebate!

So more and more main stream places are starting to reward people for bringing their own bags! Co-ops and such have been doing this for a while now but now some chain stores are. Since I've moved here I've been getting a 5 cent per bag credit at Hy-Vee and just the other day Target did!!!!

So there you go another good reason to BYOB (bring your own bag.)

I can't help but wonder how long it will be before the reverse happens and people get charged per bag that the stores have to provide.

I can't wait till Wal-mart catches on to the fact that their little spinny bag holder thing is not BYOB friendly. That is the hardest place to use a cloth bag, they don't have anywhere to set it down and fill it up :(

Oh well life goes on.


Jackie said...

Hy that store. My sister is down in Iowa and I have a few relatives down there. That and Hobby Lobby are some places I like to go when I am down there.

The Aldi store here charges for bags...helps the store to save money. I use the store bags (Target and Wal Mart) for poo bags when we take Pretzel out!

Amber DeYoung said...

Gotta love Hobby Lobby its great for decorating your house and if its not on sale this week it will be on sale next week!